I'm an alt.

2009-07-23 07:10:02 by FlashtooREV

I'm an alt of someone with signup date 4/11/07, and I made this alt to begin over, a fresh start.

Please don't beat me.


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2009-07-23 07:10:25

fuck you

FlashtooREV responds:


No beating yet.


2009-07-23 07:34:05

haha i see you already got really good comments,

FlashtooREV responds:

FFS Don't act cool. We know eachother in RL >:(


2009-07-23 07:34:34

ow i wont beat you by the way

FlashtooREV responds:



2009-07-23 13:32:35

'sup whoknowsmeaudio (can't be be bothered to capitalize the right letters).

(Updated ) FlashtooREV responds:

Ohh thank you :3

I don't capitalize my name properly either. I changed account partially because of that. Thanks that you remembered my name had special capitalized letters :D


2009-07-23 14:28:54

Er zijn niet zoveel Nederlanders op het Flash forum, vandaar :)

FlashtooREV responds:

Tja :)


2009-07-23 19:33:29

So, is this your new main account?

FlashtooREV responds:

I guess.


2009-07-27 08:35:28

Fresh start???

What's the point???

Was it because you had a crap name???

FlashtooREV responds:

That's one of the reasons. And my post were shittier than crap.


2009-08-02 03:45:46

I wisj i could vote 0 on userpages aswell, but for yours it doesnt even deserve a 0, It deserves a Delete as it looks like a waste of bandwidth.

(Updated ) FlashtooREV responds:

Oh noes who's an angry user?

EDIT: GrumbleGrumble. You coward. You deleted my comment and made your own. Childish.

I just wanted to say your Flashes suck. As well as your grammar.


2009-08-03 11:34:14

whats up dude?

FlashtooREV responds:

Nothing special, thanks :)