A few goals.

2009-08-15 17:13:58 by FlashtooREV

I got "inspired" by fluffkomix (he's a great guy) to make a list (not sorted whatsoever).
OH AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW that this is just something to do while I'm bored, as all my friends are on holiday and it's raining etc.

So BOLD items are done. They also get a heart.

1. Have fluffkomix comment on my userpage.
2. Have zrb comment on my userpage. (see previous news post) <3
3. Have Luis comment on my userpage. <3
4. Have Tom Fulp comment on my userpage. <3 (Luis told him to)
5. Have Wade Fulp comment on my userpage.
6. Have myself comment on my userpage. (see previous news post) </3
7. Have any moderator comment on my userpage.
8. Have Glaiel-Gamer comment on my userpage. <3
9. Have Zyphonee comment on my userpage. <3 <3 <3
10. Have K-Guare comment on my userpage. </3
EDIT: 11. Have knugen comment on my userpage. (sorry for forgetting you at first :P) <3 <3 <3

Dammit Wade, just comment!


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2009-08-15 18:02:28

If you fill the tenth spot with my name, you'll
have another one finished. :]

FlashtooREV responds:



2009-08-16 02:06:35

Lololol bold out 6. you did it on your last news post :P

FlashtooREV responds:

Yeah, I know :)


2009-08-16 11:17:05

How dare you forget me?! I don't think I can every forgive you, you will never get a comment from me >:(

FlashtooREV responds:

But then they will never all be done!


2009-08-16 12:33:25

This is a bit of a hard challenge ain't it?

FlashtooREV responds:

No. Maybe.

Only some of them :)


2009-08-16 12:59:47

I've done:

(Updated ) FlashtooREV responds:

Now that makes me jealous. >:(

Not :P
Have fun with your stuffs.


2009-08-16 15:43:36

I will not comment on your userpage, in fact I'll send you a cease and desist for unlawful use of my name.

FlashtooREV responds:

No, god no! Please!

Thank you :P


2009-08-16 19:55:46

my name in sig please :)

(Updated ) FlashtooREV responds:

</shameless self advertising>

Barely know you. If it wasn't for the Flash reg lounge to exist, I never would've heard you.

EDIT: Should be: "I never would've heard OF you".


2009-08-17 12:06:52

I think you've got the wrong priorities, I have a summer list as well, it includes being able to run 100 meters in less than 12 seconds, getting a weekly award on a flash portal, receiving payment from my first flash game, donating over 150$ to charity, complete The Knight of Erebus (my Po3 project), double general knowledge and learn some C# as well as other things, as becoming a better as an artist, programmer and writer.

I think you should re-think your list.

FlashtooREV responds:

I obviously have no life. Thanks for pointing out what everyone already knows.
I also wanted to have a new(s) post, so I made something boring.
I'm going to make a new post and change my sig soon anyways.

Thank you for your attention.


2009-08-17 13:13:23

oh, this is unexpected, I must be getting famious

yes, famious

FlashtooREV responds:

Naah I just luvs you :P


2009-08-17 13:33:20

Well if this isnt a cry for attention....

FlashtooREV responds:

No, I'm just very bored and it's raining outside.


2009-08-17 13:34:31

Luis is such a mean bastard.

FlashtooREV responds:



2009-08-17 13:50:57

I'm sorry I'm not a commen guy from NG, but still, its a comment, right?

FlashtooREV responds:

Yes, thanks.


2009-08-17 16:36:33


FlashtooREV responds:



2009-08-17 22:30:55

These are some solid goals!

FlashtooREV responds:

Yes, they certainly aren't.


2009-08-19 13:49:56

get a pic.

FlashtooREV responds:

Yes. No. Maybe.


2009-08-20 19:49:53

Apanrently Luis learnt the meanyness of his way, and decided that's not the man he wanted to be.

Or got piss drunk

FlashtooREV responds:

I think both.


2009-08-21 07:40:26

Ok. Another comment [=
I think its pretty wierd that Tom did comment and Wade didn't. I mean, Tom is the leader right? Argh lets cut the cr*p. I jsut had to say something youknow.

FlashtooREV responds:

Why hello there.


2009-08-26 16:01:45

bleep bloop.

FlashtooREV responds:

Hello to you too, my dear fellow newgrounder.


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