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aging up aging up

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I'll have to agree with Haggard on this one - it's too sketchy.
Smooth it out and improve the shading.

The last one looks more like a squid than anything else.


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piggy123 responds:

he is old :P

Experimenting with Shading 2 Experimenting with Shading 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


First impression: great/cool/awesome!
I love his facial expression and the shading. Use shading in your next animation, fluff!
As a shading test, it's very good. It's nicely done.

There's something wrong though. I couldn't tell at first, but his right arm is somewhat... weird. Make the thumb of his right hand a bit longer, too.
The feet could use some work as well, especially his left one.
I don't know exactly what's wrong with it, but it isn't good as it is now.

The shading is masterly done and I love his facial expression. His right arm and feet look a bit weird though, but I think this is your best one to date.


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fluffkomix responds:

this was more a shading test than anything, so i skimped a bit on the general anatomy and whatnot, but i'll definitely improve on that next time!

also one problem i see with the shading is that i don't like his hair.