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Blue Tot and Birdy Bird Blue Tot and Birdy Bird

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

- Review On Request -

The animation for the bird was looking smooth, as well as the animation for the tongue. A bird doesn't fly like that though. It would curve towards the branch, going down, then up a little bit to land on the branch.
You could've used some more detail though, in the river for example and the grass. The clouds don't look realistic, as clouds don't move so fast nor do they move all at the same speed.

The story was simple, with very simple (others might say childish) humour. some sonic-like fuzzy ball thing pestering a bird, the bird craps all over him.
Not a genius plot, but it's ok and I smiled a little bit.

You could improve this, it's alright though, and you've got some real potential!
Make the next animation a bit longer, too. :)

Good luck with your career.


- Review Request Club

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ZleapingBear responds:

sonic-like... hmm yea, you can say that :p ditent tougth about that... the story thing... well, yea i know, not much of it...

ZikiZaki stick fight ZikiZaki stick fight

Rated 0 / 5 stars

- Review On Request -

I'm going to be honest with you.
There barely was anything to see in the Flash. You only used the paint bucket tool on the tank and made a very ugly background, with the paint bucket presets.

The animation was only three seconds long or so and I couldn't understand a thing. The text just Flashed, they barely moved and the special effects were slow and ugly.

You really have to throw this away and start over. Learn, practice, and you might make something good.

- Review Request Club

Little Shop of Horrors Little Shop of Horrors

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

- Review On Request -

This was a decent little music video. It can be improved big time, but I enjoyed it and actually played it three or four times.

You got a high quality version of the song, nice job!

It really did what it was supposed to do. It got me curious and I went to see the original clip on YouTube. If I'd see this and I was on your school, I think I would go to the musical.

Animation and Graphics
The opening screen, with the pot in the corner, is quite good. I love that technique, where something is drawn, coloured in, then the lines get removed. One of the lines at the corner was a little off, though.
Then the animation looks like a lot of tweening. Using tweens isn't a bad thing, but it just doesn't fit in this film. The lip syncing for Seymour was good, but for the plant, it sucked. It was just too slow, and a bit behind.
The look from the front of the plant wasn't too impressive either.
Seymour as a whole wasn't really that good, his limbs just didn't look good, his fingers too.
The window in the background looked good, but the flowers weren't nice either.

A lot could be improved and you could've done some Frame By Frame. Then again, you made this a while ago and it did what it was supposed to do - make me curious.'
Good job.


Review Request Club

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call of duty love call of duty love

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fair enough.

First of all, I can't really say I liked it. Then again, you're just 10 years old and it's your first submission, so I'm going to rate it accordingly. It was also really sweet that it was dedicated to your brother, although it was a bit sick that you put in the "XXXPORNXXX", as you're 10 and you rated this "All Audiences".

The animation was... quite non-existent. The lip-syncing was quite okay, but the drawings and other animation, brace yourself, sucked. Work on your art and animation skills, I'm sure you'll make something good and nice-looking.

The shops were a nice addition, but the fact that not everything was coloured and I could often see the background instead of an alley or something was a real bummer.
The music was not so good, except for the last one, in the credits. You could've improved the export settings so the sounds sounded a bit better though, you could've made the frames per second higher too (16 to 25).

Most of the humour was quite childish, although the "Disc Error" was quite funny.

If you were a bit older, I would've definitely been more harsh and probably would've given you a 4/10 and an 0/5. But you're not, so practise and I'm sure you'll make something good.

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orangebeef birthda collab orangebeef birthda collab

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not good.

The animation in this wasn't more than crappy and the sounds all sucked.
That's what I think of this collab in short.
There is some quality in this though. The menu was pretty sweet and one animation was cool. But other than that, please make the 2010 version better.

Some people in the collab were just lazy, made something with only one color in it and thought the rest of the parts would make up for it. Clearly not. Like I said, only one animation was good and the rest just sucked.

I think you've done this on purpose, so please just try and make something good next year.

4/10, 2/5

Maciqe Maciqe

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fair enough.

I can't say the movie's great, but as this is your second Flash, I'll rate it accordingly.

My first impression was quite good, as you added a preloader, but I also noticed you didn't have a (back)ground. It was too bad you made a stick movie, but sticks are part of the road to good animation, as you (should) use skeletons when animating something with real persons.

The effects weren't too good, but good enough, as this is your second Flash ever.
You really should've cut the music though.
As the movie's only a few seconds long, you shouldn't put in a 2 minute song. That explains the relatively huge file size of 2 MB. I recommend using Audacity to cut the music, which could down the file size to 500 KB.
It also was a real bummer that you didn't make it any longer, and stopped in the middle of the animation, giving the unsatisfying feeling you get when a movie doesn't really end.

Overall, the animation's not good and it's too bad you didn't cut the music. But then again, you DID out in music and this is your second Flash ever, so after some consideration, I thought a six was a good rating.

6/10, 2/5.

Joltby responds:

thanks for a decent review
im working on a second one now
finding music was extremely hard though for this type of flash

Falling Colors Falling Colors

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A dissapointment.

To be honest I really expected something better.
The story really didn't make sense at all, like you said, and the animation was quite raw and sketchy and totally not the style I like.

I really didn't like the music nor did I think it fits the movie.

I also believe that the fact that you didn't think of a storyline, searched how to make a play button and only worked on this for 10 days, shows how you didn't really put that much effort in it.

But then again, I should remember that this is your second full Flash ever, so after a bit of thinking, I thought 6 is a reasonable score.

Please don't take this critique too personal, but it's just that you really could've put some more effort into it and cleaned up the animation, etc.

Syringes responds:

Actually I did look on a bunch of tutorials on how to make a play button. >>

I really dont care if you dont like my style because its my style and you either like it or hate it. ^_^

I put lots of effort in it but this is just a trial of adobe I only have a few more days with it so if I took any longer I wouldnt have been able to submit it.

But thanks for the 6 and I d respect your opinion, Ill take your advice and when I gain the money ill buy flash and actually take the time to make an actual story : D

Chuck vs Echo Chuck vs Echo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I loved it.

I usually don't like stick movies that much. I admit that I do like some of them, but you managed to do something many other stick figure animators failed to do:
Make a stick movie with a storyline.
Although the storyline was pretty simple, it was enough and actually quite lovable. I really think the effects are great. The fire and explosions are good and the pink weird stripe things around the stick figures were well done.
The movie's also very detailed:
The bricks in the wall,
The other arenas,
The lamps in arena 3,

Good perspective too.

Too bad that the music was compressed so much, it kind of ruined the whole movie.
Also: why did you make the stage so small? That was too bad.
And you really, really should make the preloader text bigger: the "percent loaded" and the "Play" button.

Overall, very neat flash. The size and compressed music were bummers though, but the storyline and animation quality sort of made up for that.
Good job.

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Batman: Bright Day Batman: Bright Day

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great sense of humour

But I hated the lack of animation. There was sound, there were graphics and the animation that there was, was ok. But the only animation in this was the mouths moving.

Sorry, I like quantity + quality better.

T E T R I S ' D T E T R I S ' D

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Tetris = classic.

Classic parody(?) of Tetris, the classic game everyone knows. 30 FPS is quite a lot, must've been frustrating to animate this. Sometimes, the stick moved too fast and I could barely see the animation, just a blur that flashed to another place, which isn't good. Maybe that's just me.

Great music ;)