Oh hello there

2011-04-01 11:28:55 by FlashtooREV

Hey guys,

I doubt anyone will read this, but thanks for doing so.... I was bored so I decided to log in to Newgrounds again.

- Flashtoo



2009-09-13 09:00:04 by FlashtooREV

Anyone else played the game Braid? It's awesome. Great storyline, interesting gameplay(featuring time travel) and such.

I love it, just thought it was too short. Go buy it on Steam, for $4,49!

A few goals.

2009-08-15 17:13:58 by FlashtooREV

I got "inspired" by fluffkomix (he's a great guy) to make a list (not sorted whatsoever).
OH AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW that this is just something to do while I'm bored, as all my friends are on holiday and it's raining etc.

So BOLD items are done. They also get a heart.

1. Have fluffkomix comment on my userpage.
2. Have zrb comment on my userpage. (see previous news post) <3
3. Have Luis comment on my userpage. <3
4. Have Tom Fulp comment on my userpage. <3 (Luis told him to)
5. Have Wade Fulp comment on my userpage.
6. Have myself comment on my userpage. (see previous news post) </3
7. Have any moderator comment on my userpage.
8. Have Glaiel-Gamer comment on my userpage. <3
9. Have Zyphonee comment on my userpage. <3 <3 <3
10. Have K-Guare comment on my userpage. </3
EDIT: 11. Have knugen comment on my userpage. (sorry for forgetting you at first :P) <3 <3 <3

Dammit Wade, just comment!

Got A Review Request?

2009-08-13 17:12:49 by FlashtooREV

Hi guys, thanks for viewing.

Are you an (aspiring) Flash/Art/Audio developer that needs/wants some good feedback?
Want to improve or just to know what the average user impression is?

Contact me by PM or comment on here!
I check my PM box and news post comments more than daily and I'm not that busy with reviewing (yet!).

If you want to know my review quality, check them out here and here!

Remember that I'm a Flash programmer, so I'm best in reviewing Flashes, games in particular.
Here's a sample review for this great song.

"- Review on Request -"
by: FlashtooREV
submission: [DN] Summer Sunshine
date: 3 hours ago
Nice summer feel here!
For some reason, I tend to link relatively high, short sounds to the summer.

It has a slow start, not to push the listener right into the hot action. Nice, stable song. The first 50 seconds were slow, in comparison to the rest of the song, but it sort of radiates a pool mood at the beginning, then slowly gets more active.
At 0:51, the dancing part really breaks through, a beach/pool party. Nice and happy, creates a positive atmosphere, gives me energy, makes me want to dance the energy out of me!

I think 0:50 - 1:16 could've had a bit more bass in it, though. It lacked that essential structure, in my opinion, a sound as loud as a soft tap on the knee would suffice.

Then for a while, after 1:16, some more bass jumps in, but it's still too high pitched.

Then from 1:42 to 2:43 there's a break, which is fine, and after that, a nice beat moves in there. That beat's what I missed around 1:00.

At around 3:00, the energy slowly flows away and the tune there's still awesome.


Awesome song, gave me energy and really had that summer feel. I missed bass sometimes, though.

- Rev'd By FlashtooREV On Request -

1 hour ago
Author's Response:
:P well, yea im having my share of problems with the bass, *sigh*... but glad you liked it overall :)

Last word, I created this account for a fresh start and the REV in FlashtooREV stands for REView!

Hope to hear from you guys,


I'm an alt.

2009-07-23 07:10:02 by FlashtooREV

I'm an alt of someone with signup date 4/11/07, and I made this alt to begin over, a fresh start.

Please don't beat me.

This shit is crazy.

2009-07-04 10:05:54 by FlashtooREV

Take a look at this. NocturnalHaunt is an independent Flash, audio and art website, created all by BluMess, no open-sourced files used.

It's awesome, if you know your way around Flash, GIMP, PhotoShop or any audio or art program, you'll get exclusive rights. If you can't, you can still see and listen to the amazing work on there!

This shit is crazy.

Do not read.

2009-06-24 15:15:27 by FlashtooREV

I will put "notes to self" here.
They're none of your business.