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- Review On Request -

The animation for the bird was looking smooth, as well as the animation for the tongue. A bird doesn't fly like that though. It would curve towards the branch, going down, then up a little bit to land on the branch.
You could've used some more detail though, in the river for example and the grass. The clouds don't look realistic, as clouds don't move so fast nor do they move all at the same speed.

The story was simple, with very simple (others might say childish) humour. some sonic-like fuzzy ball thing pestering a bird, the bird craps all over him.
Not a genius plot, but it's ok and I smiled a little bit.

You could improve this, it's alright though, and you've got some real potential!
Make the next animation a bit longer, too. :)

Good luck with your career.


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ZleapingBear responds:

sonic-like... hmm yea, you can say that :p ditent tougth about that... the story thing... well, yea i know, not much of it...

- Review On Request -

I'm going to be honest with you.
There barely was anything to see in the Flash. You only used the paint bucket tool on the tank and made a very ugly background, with the paint bucket presets.

The animation was only three seconds long or so and I couldn't understand a thing. The text just Flashed, they barely moved and the special effects were slow and ugly.

You really have to throw this away and start over. Learn, practice, and you might make something good.

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- Review On Request -

This was a decent little music video. It can be improved big time, but I enjoyed it and actually played it three or four times.

You got a high quality version of the song, nice job!

It really did what it was supposed to do. It got me curious and I went to see the original clip on YouTube. If I'd see this and I was on your school, I think I would go to the musical.

Animation and Graphics
The opening screen, with the pot in the corner, is quite good. I love that technique, where something is drawn, coloured in, then the lines get removed. One of the lines at the corner was a little off, though.
Then the animation looks like a lot of tweening. Using tweens isn't a bad thing, but it just doesn't fit in this film. The lip syncing for Seymour was good, but for the plant, it sucked. It was just too slow, and a bit behind.
The look from the front of the plant wasn't too impressive either.
Seymour as a whole wasn't really that good, his limbs just didn't look good, his fingers too.
The window in the background looked good, but the flowers weren't nice either.

A lot could be improved and you could've done some Frame By Frame. Then again, you made this a while ago and it did what it was supposed to do - make me curious.'
Good job.


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Please increase the contrast!

This was a crude clone of well... whatever game started this. It was not original at all and the graphics were bad. I guess the hi-score integration was nice.

The controls were good, but nothing new. The game did provide a challenge, seeing how the bubbles moved closer and closer and the player had to eliminate the bubbles before they reached him.

The graphics were just TERRIBLE. You probably got the balls off of some random website, and I could barely see what I was doing.

PLEASE, PLEASE increase the contrast! I couldn't tell the difference between yellow and green in the game, and it was just a terrible experience. It almost made me vomit. Please get less blinding graphics next time and spend more time on them.

The music consisted of a short loop of some synthesized sounds, and really got on my nerves after a while. I muted it eventually.

- Review On Request -

Not amusing, interesting or looking good.

To be honest, the art was quite mediocre. There was no animation in this, either.

The "gameplay" was very simple and it's not original. I suppose it picks a random number from 0 to x and then access a variable in an array with that. No impressive coding either.

Sometimes, the "generator" was showing nothing, and you made a few spelling errors.


- Review Request Club

piggy123 responds:


- Review On Request -

The graphics could be improved greatly. The backgrounds are quite alright, but need some polishing.
The kitten has quite a big head, which is very cute, but also a bit out of proportion. The animation was quite alright, but it could be a lot smoother. Try increasing the FPS, that would work!

I completely hated your choice of music. I was glad that I could mute it, and that you at least put in music. It's a good thing that I can choose between different songs.
The retarded animal babies theme is rather gay in my opinion. Like a kid's show with pedophiles, just wrong. It didn't loop nicely either.
The second one was too loud, just like the third one, and again wrong, like Wacko Jacko and children in the same room, with no other adults around.

Sound effects could be added, like purring, licking sounds, etc.

The switching between backgrounds was a nice feature, and the idea for the game is nice. Putting my mouse on his right eye would make him blink repeatedly, which I thought is a bit weird.
A lot of features could be added. Like different kittens, making your own kitten (colour, face, tail, etc.) and more emotes/things you can interact with.

The graphics are okay, need some polishing, I absolutely hated the sound, but you DID put in sound, together with a mute button, which can only be good. The idea is nice, but it could be expanded, with way more features, let your creativity flow!


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- Review On Request -

It's a very original idea to rap about animating, or actually about an animator. This could actually be used as the script for a movie, or a Newgrounds animation.

The voice is really suitable for rapping. It was a bit like a "gangsta" voice, it could almost be compared with Eminem's voice. A bit more feeling could be thrown in, though. It was quite boring to listen to a monotone voice for almost four minutes, but that does give the listener more time to consider and listen to what you're actually saying, the lyrics. The voice got a bit slow at times, though. Sometimes it didn't really match the beat.

The beat was cool, but got really lame after about 20 seconds. Try and variate the beat a bit more!


A very cool rap with a message that's worth tons of gold. The beat was good, but got repetitive really quickly, as did the voice. The voice was a bit out of sync with the beat, was really good on itself, but throw some more feeling in there.

Good message, but a lot could be improved on the rap itself.


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- Review on Request -

Nice summer feel here!
For some reason, I tend to link relatively high, short sounds to the summer.

It has a slow start, not to push the listener right into the hot action. Nice, stable song. The first 50 seconds were slow, in comparison to the rest of the song, but it sort of radiates a pool mood at the beginning, then slowly gets more active.
At 0:51, the dancing part really breaks through, a beach/pool party. Nice and happy, creates a positive atmosphere, gives me energy, makes me want to dance the energy out of me!

I think 0:50 - 1:16 could've had a bit more bass in it, though. It lacked that essential structure, in my opinion, a sound as loud as a soft tap on the knee would suffice.

Then for a while, after 1:16, some more bass jumps in, but it's still too high pitched.

Then from 1:42 to 2:43 there's a break, which is fine, and after that, a nice beat moves in there. That beat's what I missed around 1:00.

At around 3:00, the energy slowly flows away and the tune there's still awesome.


Awesome song, gave me energy and really had that summer feel. I missed bass sometimes, though.

- Rev'd By FlashtooREV On Request -

DanceNation responds:

:P well, yea im having my share of problems with the bass, *sigh*... but glad you liked it overall :)


This was good, but could've been alot. Like you said, 0:00-0:12 is quite odd, but it's quite the same as the middle riff? 0:14-0:20 couldn't have been any better.
It also got a bit repetitive.

Short, but hopefully helpful.


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- Review On Request -

I'll have to agree with Haggard on this one - it's too sketchy.
Smooth it out and improve the shading.

The last one looks more like a squid than anything else.


- Review Request Club

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piggy123 responds:

he is old :P


First impression: great/cool/awesome!
I love his facial expression and the shading. Use shading in your next animation, fluff!
As a shading test, it's very good. It's nicely done.

There's something wrong though. I couldn't tell at first, but his right arm is somewhat... weird. Make the thumb of his right hand a bit longer, too.
The feet could use some work as well, especially his left one.
I don't know exactly what's wrong with it, but it isn't good as it is now.

The shading is masterly done and I love his facial expression. His right arm and feet look a bit weird though, but I think this is your best one to date.


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fluffkomix responds:

this was more a shading test than anything, so i skimped a bit on the general anatomy and whatnot, but i'll definitely improve on that next time!

also one problem i see with the shading is that i don't like his hair.

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